Congregation Sons of Zion was founded in 1904. Our membership derives from towns throughout the Pioneer Valley.

We are a warm, welcoming, independent Conservative Synagogue. Our congregation is vibrant and diverse in terms of age, religious background, and experiences.

At our small synagogue, we feel like we are part of a close family. We enjoy spiritual leadership in our beautiful and historic sanctuary. In addition to Wednesday minyan services and participatory Shabbat morning services, we also enjoy sharing potluck Erev Shabbat and services in one another's homes throughout the area. 

We welcome visitors and new members!



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Joan Rosner


-Religious Committee

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Laura Marks


-Budget & Finance Committee

-Religious Committee

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Lois Levin



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Joanne Saltman


-Cemetery Committee (Chair)

-Book Club (Chair)

-Building Committee

-Budget & Finance Committee

-Activities & Fundraising Committee

-Religious Committee


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Judy Katz

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Ira Laby

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Stephen Levin

-Budget & Finance Committee


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Deborah Levine

-Tikkun Olam (Chair)

-Membership Committee

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Burton Resnic, Esq

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Marjorie Bloom

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David Carmen


-Building Committee


Andrea Fox

-Religious Committee

-Building Committee

-Safety and Security Committee

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Richard Freyman, Phd

-Religious Committee (Co-Chair)

-Membership Committee


Alfred Hutt, MD

-Budget & Finance Committee

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Michael Rosner, MD

-Budget & Finance Committee (Chair)

-Religious Committee

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Mady Schorsch

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 Barry Sparkes


Rick Tessler

Marjorie Resnic

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Cindy Vieu

-Activities & Fundraising (Chair)

-Religious Committee

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Ken Vieu

-Building Committee (Chair)

President Emeritus


Stephen Levine, MD


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Our Committees

  • Budget & Finance Committee

  • Activities & Fundraising Committee

  • Membership Committee

  • By-Laws Committee

  • Tikkun Olam

  • Building  Committee

  • Religious  Committee

  • Personnel Committee

  • Cemetery Committee

  • Future Planning Committee

  • Safety and Security Committee




My partner (of a different faith) and I joined SOZ over 10 years ago when our son was very young. He attended Hebrew school and became bar mitzvah here. I am an active member of the synagogue. The community is warm, inclusive, and welcoming to LGBTQIA families. Our family experiences unconditional love here and we enjoy celebrating Shabbat, and the other Jewish rituals and holidays in such a friendly, compassionate, and vibrant shul. 


I joined the synagogue six months before the shut-down and loved the welcome and friendliness of the members; I felt very much at home. I did not grow up in the Conservative tradition, but have become familiar with the services and the wonderful songs and now feel very comfortable. I especially love the study group discussions that have been initiated by the rabbi on subjects suggested by the participants. Zoom is not as good as showing up in the sanctuary, but it has turned out to have many unexpected pluses.


Although I didn't grow up with much Jewish education, and my command of Hebrew is limited, I am still able to find meaningful connection and spirituality at SOZ. I love listening to the Hebrew singing during shabbat morning services, and on our online choir during Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur. I can't wait for the pandemic to be over so that I can get back to the synagogue.


I first met the good people who make up the SOZ family when I assisted with a Purim "Spiel" several years ago. I thoroughly enjoyed our time together and held the Community in my thoughts with great affection. In the winter of 2020, following the passing of my Mother as our nation entered quarantine, I took a risk and joined a Zoom Shabbat service one Saturday morning. I was deeply impressed by the sense of welcome and warmth that I felt from the SOZ Family and have returned consistently to listen and learn. Having spent time in many faith communities throughout my life, I have particularly been impressed and deeply moved by the kindness, intelligence, and open-minded approach demonstrated by Rabbi Saul Perlmutter and the entire SOZ family who have made a nontraditional congregant welcome as they continue to live out their deeply held traditions and faith. 



Congregation Sons of Zion is a very welcoming, warm community with a big heart. It is a small congregation that allows everyone to know each other well. There is a great spirit of participation whether on Tikkun Olam Projects, renewing the garden and yard, or producing "award worthy" Purim Shpiels.


To me, SOZ is far more than a synagogue. It is a spiritual home and a community that truly feels more like extended family. Services are consistently both meaningful and inspiring. Rabbi Perlmutter has a very warm, engaging, interactive manner that reaches and touches people in ways that make Judaism more accessible and personally meaningful to all. This is a loving community where people genuinely care about one another and stand together in both celebrations and difficulut, painful times. Not to mention that we love to spontaneously sing and laugh together. 


I joined Sons of Zion synagogue several years ago because of the closeknit community I observed. As the pandemic evolved, I decided to live on Cape Cod. Thanks to Zoom, I have been able to remain connected to the synagogue community throughout these past many months. Rabbi Perlmutter creates a welcoming service every time we meet and has provided many opportunities for learning about our Torah and the Jewish tenets that have been passed doen through centuries. 


My membership in the Sons of Zion congregation offers me a way to manifest the following aspirations:

-To manifest my Jewish identity and my wrestling relationship with the infinite cosmos

-To follow a family tradition in maintaining a Holyoke institution with a rabbi, leadership, and group of people I admire 

-Because of their ability to maintain a balance of faith, ritual, and openness to others that meets our current needs as a congregation


When we moved her from Maryland
"We thought we'd never find a friend"
So we thought we'd join a shul real quick
And that would surely do the trick.

We wandered into SOZ
And both said, "That's the place to be"
The people warm, the rabbi great
With kiddishes that were first rate.

But then one day the Covid hit
And all that we could say was...shoot!
We couldn't gather in a room 
But everything was done on Zoom

It worked out well; it's kind of cute
(Although sometimes we don't unmute)
The congregation coalesced
In this I think we all feel blessed.

So tell me, what else can I say?
I think we ought to shout, "hooray!"
A pace of Torah, prayer, and good
It is "the little shul that could"!